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  1. I visited your store at Roneo Corner and phoned Lakeside store. They have no built under single gas ovens in store for me to choose from. I appreciate a lot of people use electric and I also appreciate your staff telling me I could use the website but when I am making a substantial purchase, I would like to see the goods up close that I am buying to see the look and finish. Why no gas built under in store? Surely this is discriminatory? What if I didn’t have access to internet? Would appreciate your reasons – thanks

    • Hi Liza, I have reviewed your complaint and feel that you are being so unreasonable in your criticism, you sound like a jumped up imbecile who has nothing better to do. There are more shops in this world other than B&Q, so please find another store to shop at as you are now barred for life from every B&Q. PS good luck with the oven hope it all work out for you (not).

      Yours Sincerely
      Barry Quigg
      Managing Director
      B&Q Stores

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